Anonymous said: The general consensus from girls on various social media is having a 'wishlist' etc is morally wrong. Some cringe at the very notion. A statement that you're a better person than I will ever be is too LOL.

Come one, you’re not fooling anyone, we both know you’re not a good person.

General consensus? Now, that’s an LOL statement, haha. What’s the general consensus on haters like you? I guess you’re not a very moral person after all.

That’s my closing statement to you, get a life and stop hating on people you don’t even know, it’s pathetic. Have a good night.

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sxyblkmn said: Well hey Fellow Geek! Long time no post :) does this mean you're gonna start posting more on tumblr again? :)

Hello!! :)

I wish i could say that, but i can never know… I always try but i end up forgetting. :(

I will try harder.. ;)

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Anonymous said: Haaaaaaaa. Sooooo not jealous. Just find it incredible that you're quite happy let strangers send you gift after gift. You have great morals :)

Oh, trust me, you ARE jealous, it’s pretty obvious. Haha.

Of course i’m happy. If receiving a gift from someone who appreciates me means i have bad morals, then so do you or anyone else in this world who ever received a gift. It’s a gift, get over it.

I can safely say i’m a better person than you will ever be. :)

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Let's Talk About Spaceships by Say Hi To Your Mom


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Anonymous said: Still getting people to buy you things? Amazing.

Still being a jealous bitch? Amazing. ;)

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Anonymous said: Do you still smoke?

I do, but not as much as i used to… 

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i-am-goddamn-radical-deactivate said: Let me come smoke with you please :P That would be perfect! <3 To spend time with such a beautiful woman as yourself! :) I just found your blog and it is perfect and you look perfect and awww! Haha I am so glad I came across it! :D

Awww, thank you very much, i’m happy to know you like my blog, i haven’t been posting as much as i used to before, but it made me happy to know you like what i’ve posted so far.

Thank you so much for your sweet message, it made me smile. <3

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claudinhofab said: good night sweetie...hows life back in Texas? do u know anyone from Brazil that lives there? just curious.... much love!

Hello! :)

Everything’s pretty good around here, i hope everything’s good with you too. 

No, i don’t know anyone from Brazil… :( I’ve heard people talking Portuguese many times, but i never met anyone personally, i hope i will someday! :)

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Yep, that&#8217;s an R2-D2 dress&#8230; &lt;3
Gracias David! :)

Yep, that’s an R2-D2 dress… <3

Gracias David! :)

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jcs01201964 said: Nothing to ask, but wanted to say thank you for your posts over the last couple years! You've become more bold, and much more beautiful ~ satternut

Thank you very much!

I’m glad to know you like them. <3

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g3ra1d24-deactivated20140112 said: Hey do u do any feet pictures on your tumbler

I don’t post them on this blog, but i have a ton of other accounts for feet picturees.

Feel free to check them out. :)

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wrathoftheragingdemon said: Who's your favorite Star Wars character? And what do you think about the upcoming new trilogy?

I LOVE Darth Vader. :)

I’m very excited about the new movies, i think they’re going to be pretty awesome, i can’t wait!

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First Love by The Maccabees

Nothing’s perfect
And I’m hoping I’ll do
But I will not do
Cause nothing’s perfect
So I’ll have to make do

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A Morning Ago…

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The Shower Scene by Brand New

My favorite Brand New album… Your Favorite Weapon. :)

"So I update this almost every single day for you 
I begin to hate you for your face and not just the things you do 
Go tell him how my wrist is sore 
from pulling at your insides all night 
Nothing that you do is new to anything or anyone but you”

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